auteur(s): Kristof Van Gestel & MANOEUVRE kunstenplek

As part of the Vormfrakken project Kristof Van Gestel and MANOEUVRE Kunstenplek have developed together since 2014, a great many co-artists have created Vormfrakken in a variety of settings. They started out from Van Gestel’s form-generating method, the Idiosyncratic Machine. They then turned this method to their own purposes by themselves helping to determine the choices, the design and the techniques for their own interpretation and scale. In this way, about forty relational objects in textile on a 1:1 scale with the human body were created in the course of two years. These Vormfrakken were made in various settings. These Vormfrakken are not an end in themselves; they can be explored and extended by others. For this purpose, presentations are being organized in the course of 2017 at Performatik (Kaaitheater, Brussels), the Design Museum in Ghent (as part of the Plain-Purl exhibition) and elsewhere. This book presents an extended report on the course of the creative process, supplemented by splendid portraits that Sanne Delcroix took of all the Vormfrakken and their makers.

Edition of 400
Design by Raf Vancampenhoudt & Joris Van Aken