auteur(s): Eva Barois De Caevel & Els Roelandt, eds.

CATPC: Cercle d’art des travailleurs de plantation congolaise / Congolese Plantation Workers Art League.

Texts by Ariella Azoulay, Eva Barois De Caevel, Eléonore Hellio, Ruba Katrib, Alexander Koch, J. A. Koster, Renzo Martens, René Ngongo, Els Roelandt, Charles Sikitele Gize, Charles Tumba, Françoise Vergès, photos by Léonard Pongo.

Design by Jurgen Maelfeyt, Jonas Temmerman, 6'56''

A ‘first report’ on the activities of the CATPC, an association that attempts to rethink postcolonial power relations within the global art world. Initiated in 2014 by Renzo Martens in the context of his artistic research project Institute for Human Activities, together with René Ngongo, a Kinshasa-based biologist and environmental activist, this cooperative continues to develop independently and to redefine the relations between art, agriculture, industry, and value creation.