Third parties can call on the expertise of KASK-Conservatory departments at a charge. Here is an overview of the services we offer:

Interior Design
Measuring, preliminary drafting, model construction, 3D visualizations, light and colour advice
Contact: Jan De Pauw

Landscape and Garden Architecture
Project studies relating to landscape and garden architecture or landscape development
Contact: Luc De Schepper

Animated shorts, audio engineering and sound studio
Jean-Marie Demeyer

Media Art
Sound recording, design and realization of audio-visual installations
Contact: Hendrik Leper

Development of books, prints or printed matter, realization of printing projects (silk-screen, lithography, engraving)
Erwin Wittevrongel

Graphic Design
Design of posters, logos, invitations, advertisements, cards
Contact: Ronny Duquenne

Dressing for defiles, designing of ensembles, items, shoes and accessories
Contact: Bram Jespers

Textile Design
Designs for textile
Contact: Els Huygelen

Design and Furniture
Advice, design and realization
Contact: Dirk Van Gogh

Multimedia Design
Multimedia design and/or realization; event design advice, performance
Contact: Wouter Decorte

Pre-production, shooting, editing, audio engineering, mixing
Contact: Brecht Vanelslande

Analogue and digital printing; studio use; photo-reportage
Contact: Pat Alliët

Casting advice; ad recording; drama projects
Contact: Fabrice Delecluse

Orchestra and/or conductor for concerts or performances
Contact: for classical or contemporary music: Frederik Styns
               for jazz or pop: Peter Lesage

Music recordings
See Bijlokestudio