Heleen Van Valckenborgh

Heleen Van Valckenborgh

Nikita Verhelst

Nikita Verhelst

KASK Label

KASK Label presents a selection of design products created by students of the design programme. 

Design Affairs is an initiative of KASK in cooperation with the university college’s Centre for Entrepreneurship.

  • Blossom
    Author(s): Hermine Van Dijck

    'Blossom' is a small collection of plaid blankets and every one of them is unique. All the blankets were made playfully with an industrial machine. The change in colour and pattern was adapted instinctively and manually by the designer. Uniqueness is guaranteed because each plaid blanket is made for 50% with a machine and 50% by hand. All the remnants of the weaving process are incorporated in the final blanket. High-quality materials such as wool, cotton and silk are used. It is best to wash the plaid blankets by hand or on a gentle wool programme.

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    • Date of publication: 2013
    • Selling price: 250 euro
  • Rectangle Cuff
    Author(s): Michael von der Crone

    'Rectangle cuff' is a minimal inspired bracelet. It emphasizes the rectangular shape as being part of the fundamental geometric elements. By shaping the design into an abstract form, the bracelet gets stripped of conventions and codes, creating a subtle play between wearer, form and space. The cuff, characterized by its simplicity, is made of sustainable leather and produced in a Belgian tannery. It is for sale at the Eva Bos shop in the Vlaanderenstraat, Ghent.

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    • Selling price: 60 euro
  • The Milan Bench
    Author(s): Milan Verstraete

    The concept’s origins lie in the guerrilla furniture series made by student Milan Verstraete This young interdisciplinary designer with a background in woodworking and furniture design uses design as a tool to investigate the complex relationship between humans and their environment. His designs bridge the gap between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary practices such as Street Art.

    The Milan Bench series he made for Ventura Lambrate Milan consists of simple, versatile structures that can easily be placed almost anywhere in the city. These inexpensive seating units appear throughout the urban landscape as a sort of tangible graffiti, spontaneously leading a life of their own. Tightly secured on one side but floating freely on the other, the seating structures are simple but intriguing objects that offer fatigued visitors a welcome place to sit and enjoy the vibrant scenery.

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    • Selling price: on request
  • Tjirp
    Author(s): Cas Moor

    Tjirp is a wooden doorstop made of solid oak designed and handmade by Cas Moor. Due to the simple bird shape it also becomes a pure and esthetic object for your home. Limited first edition of 60 pieces available as from September 2013 at Eva Bos, Vlaanderenstraat, Ghent.

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    • Selling price: 29 euro