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24.06.17—14:00    See You When The Sun Sets East: exhibition third-year photography students Oude stadsbibliotheek expo

At the end of the bachelor program in Photography at KASK / School of Arts in Ghent the student is challenged to make an statement about ‘the world’.  The result is a wondrous mix of engaged, idiosyncratic and autobiographic work.The ‘SEE YOU WHEN THE SUN SETS EAST’ show bundles these projects. At the core they deal with the existence, the set of functions these students are expected to indulge in the society that awaits them. The setting is an environment carrying a tension, a shrill glissando of values: government versus the individual, man against his demons. Banality against horror. Proximity and distance. The viewer can discern three kinds of work: the personal story, the re-enactment of history and a stance towards things happening in the real world in documentary work. All this work contains the research into the ‘possibility of story-telling’, representation and the plasticity of the photographic image. Don’t be mistaken: it’s never about smooth beauty for the aesthetics. These young authors do not deliver velvet, but abrasives.

Alix Jacops, Cato Van Rijckegem, Elias Asselbergh, Eva Faché, Flor Maesen, Gena Kagermanov, Ghuilerme Gerais, Guus Bakker, Hanne Bracaval, Lou Schaub, Lucas Leffler, Maria Luiza Grymonprez, Marie Dhaese, Max Schmitz, Nam Ko, Pieter-Jan Verheyen, Shay Amitai, Simon Debbaut, Sybren Vanoverberghe, Tessa Laget, Thomas Vancoppenolle, Viktor Van Hoof

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