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10.02.17—20:00    Opening Shilpa Gupta KIOSK expo

Indian artist Shilpa Gupta (°1976, Mumbai, India) is fascinated by the perception and construction of identity, and by those concepts that exercise an influence over these processes: nationality, technology, religion, borders, conflicts, control, censorship … From her subjective perspective, she zooms in and out, on the contemporary politics of all of our lives, on how the individual is engulfed in generalizing regulations on a large scale: “I am interested in perception and therefore, with how definitions get stretched or trespassed, be it gender, beliefs, or the notion of a state. There exists a chasm between the larger construct which seeks singularity, and its own fragment which may not. Markings and measuring, seemingly logical acts, may not necessarily provide solutions” (Shilpa Gupta in 'Indian Express', 2016). Gupta does not consider her work political in nature, instead she prefers the term ‘everyday art’: her material is what she observes, in her direct environment, or from far off, on a daily basis. Depending on the idea she wishes to convey, she works with photography, minimalist sculptures, light installations, in situ interventions, technology, or digital media. Her work attempts to get to the essence of complex (geo)political issues, using imaginative titles such as 'My East is Your West', 'WheredoIendandyoubegin' and 'I live under your sky too'. What Gupta aims to provoke in the visitor, rather than a passive aesthetic experience, are questions or a dialogue. For the 'My East is Your West' project for the 2015 Venice Biennale, Gupta visualized her ongoing research on the borderland between India and Bangladesh. The fence separating these neighbouring countries is notorious for being the longest safety barrier in the world. The impact of this imposing physical, economic and symbolic barrier on the everyday lives of the local population will also be the basis for her exhibition at KIOSK.

  • Opening: 10.02.17 at 20:00
  • Expo: 11.02.17 - 16.04.17
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