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16.02.17—19:00    Opening “... a kleptomanic takes things literally” Campus Bijloke - Zwarte zaal expo

An artist can say that a cup of ice is an artwork, but he can never say it is not a cup of ice. (Lawrence Weiner, 2005) No account of metaphor will be adequate without explaining the fact that something about the meaning of the literal vehicle remains active in metaphorical interpretation. In more familiar terminology, any account must explain the fact that, and how, the metaphorical depends on the literal. (Joseph Stern, Metaphor, Literal, Literalism, 2006)

  • Opening: Thursday 16 februari, 19h
  • Expo: 17/02 - 20/02, open from 11h till 18h
  • Fine Arts - Installation
  • Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Gent,