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17.05—27.05.18    MAP #78: Fran Van Gysegem - wrong track Campus Bijloke - Glazen Gang expo

Wandering, getting lost. I am putting you on the wrong track. The wrong way to go. Impulsively chosen with care. A Wrong Track. Track error. Never enough of waiting. Still waiting. I have stopped rushing. Get lost over and over again. There is not always, never time enough, sometimes. And this and that.

  • Expo 18.05.18 - 27.05.18
  • Opening Thursday 17.05.18
  • Opening hours Mo-Th: 08:00-22:00 / Fr: 08:00-18:00 / Sa-Su: 11:00-18:00 (via entrance KIOSK)
  • Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 GENT, Gratis