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25.11—22.12.19    Essential Reading #13: Sabzian Kunstenbibliotheek

Essential Reading is a project that aims to enlarge, diversify and enrich Kunstenbibliotheek’s book collection. Which books are, today, really indispensable for an art library?  Guests of Essential Reading bring together and present in the library the books they consider most valuable in their life and work.

Sabzian refers to the main character of the 1990 film Nema-ye nazdik [Close-Up], by the Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami. Sabzian wishes to be thought in movement. A slow, considered pace, mid-step – one foot on the ground, the other in the air. Writing as an inward movement, as an endless encounter with images, sounds, thoughts and worlds.

  • Godshuizenlaan 2A, 9000 GENT, Free