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31.10.17—12:00    A look into the work of EPAS Campus Bijloke - Zwarte Zaal expo

Sound is at the heart of our perception of the world. While there are countless courses teaching how to interpret visual information, sound is a relatively unexplored field of study. Although academic studies do explore the theoretical and conceptual sides of audio production, sound is generally considered a technical rather than an aesthetic subject.

EPAS aims to address this imbalance through an integration of practice and theory continuously fed by critical and conceptual thinking. It will teach sound as a discipline in itself, as well as in relation to screen production, performance and other arts and media.

The 31 of Octobre the third module of EPAS (sound and space) of the first semester will be rounded with a moment opened to an interested public. Some work in progress will be shown. The focus on this moment lies on the meeting and the dialogue between all the participants.

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